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We have a long history of providing flooring solutions to the healthcare industry, and as such, we have worked with clients in many different areas of the sector and have built long lasting relationships with these clients

We have worked on many projects in the healthcare industry. Some of these include - 

  • Private Care Homes

  • Secure Units

  • Hospitals

  • Clinical Rooms

We typically fit out most areas of a private care home depending on the requirement at hand. These types of extensive jobs can involve many different types of flooring in the same project, and can entail - 

  • Dining rooms and day rooms

  • Bedrooms

  • Bedroom Ensuites

  • Safety vinyl for back of house (commercial kitchen, laundry room, staff rooms, training rooms) and in house areas (linin stores, clinics, hoist stores, wheelchair stores)

Healthcare care home flooring carpet
Healthcare care home flooring carpet

In cases of hospitals and clinical rooms we are typically required to install hygienic, high quality safety coverings, including Marmoleum, Safety Flooring/Polysafe Hydro.

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